Legal Outsourcing Consultants (LoC) offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to answer and/or review any legal document, question or argument. 


LoC consists of three admitted, non-practicing attorneys,  with experience in legal writing and document drafting, as well as an Information Technology Service Delivery Executive who is experienced in legal technology, its application, use and benefits.

All services are offered in conjunction with the attorneys and the Information Technology Service Delivery Executive, so as to provide both a legal and technological service delivery perspective. 

Although L.O.C is a small team, we are experienced researchers and analysts that are  committed to servicing our clients beyond expectation by doing everything within our power to provide the most affordable, effective and efficient legal consultancy services .  

We strongly believe in collaboration and team work and will work closely with our clients to exceed their business needs without excessive demands on financial resources. 


Where It All Begins

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Kristi Erasmus 

Non Practicing

Admitted Attorney 

Bcom Law
LLM (Cum laude) 
PGDip Futures Studies (Cum Laude)

Claire .png

Claire Erasmus 

Non Practicing Admitted Attorney 

Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) 
Master of Architecture (MArch) 


Henk Crouse 

Non Practicing Admitted Attorney 


How Our Services Work


Complete a services request and/or contact form 

The Service Request / Contact form is received and assigned to the most qualified legal research consultant 

The assigned individual will make contact with the client within 24 hours to confirm receipt of services request form, confirm contact details and services required as well as discuss expectations, time line and budget.


The general turnaround time will be between 2 – 3 business days and for very urgent matters requiring research, summary, legal opinion, analysis or the like within a short period of time, turnaround time will be between 24 – 36 Hours.  

Although LoC will endeavor to the very best of their ability to render the services sought within the time lines discussed and indicated hereunder,  the turnaround time may change depending on, but not limited too :

  • Change in client instructions

  • Change in client circumstances or instructions received

  • Services required, only legal research and summary, or legal research and analysis and legal opinion

  • Complexity of legal research to be done / complexity legal matter on which opinion  / analysis is sought

  • Whether research is required in regard to Local or foreign jurisdiction and laws or both

  • Urgency

  • Level of expertise required

  • Hours required for in depth research and summary

  • Number pages required



Recent research by Clio (2017 Legal Trends Report)  as well as by Martindale-Avvos (2019 Attorney Compensation Survey Report) reveals that in the average 8 hours per day, legal practitioners are only able to spend 2 hours on billable work while 6 or more hours are spent on non-billable tasks such as office administration, generating and collecting bills and business development.

With only 29% of the day being spent on billable tasks and work, only 1.6 hours are billable per work day, with 2/3rds of the legal practitioners confirming that they do not feel there is enough time in a day to complete all legal tasks.

This is even more so when the law firm is small to medium or a sole practitioner, where time is often more constrained given case load and limited administrative, research and consultancy resources. 

LoC can help attorneys in increasing their billable hours by assisting in many of the legal services, tasks and activities that attorneys are not able to get too on a daily basis given non billable office administrative tasks and business development activities that demand their attention.

LoC offers support services to legal practitioners including but not limited to legal research, legal drafting and writing, legal opinions, legal case summaries and correspondences for a reasonable price, either at a fixed fee or hourly rate, for which the legal practitioner may in turn charge his / her client as pre-agreed with the client Thereby increasing the amount of work done, meeting billable targets and providing fast and effective services to clients.