Futures Thinking Workshop

Strategic Foresight Tool

Futures Thinking is not about gazing into a crystal ball or about making predictions on what will happen and wagering money on how accurate a prediction is or was not, rather it is about determining the possibilities, probabilities and likelihoods of tomorrow, the next year or thirty, so as to strategically grow your business to ensure a trajectory of exceptional growth and returns.

The Futures Thinking workshop entails a detailed breakdown of what Futures Thinking is, its  importance in modern approaches to business and how its tools can be used in strategic planning, to  identifying opportunities and risks that are likely, probable and possible and tactically determining how each should be approached so as to ensure the future and continued growth, profitability and sustainability of business. 

The Futures Thinking Workshop analyses scenario planning, environmental scans, cross impact analysis, time series and trend forecasting, s-curve and product/business life cycles.

This workshop provides an introduction to strategic foresight and how it can be applied in strategically planning for the future growth, profitability and success of your business / practice. 

Start planning for the future of your business/practice today. 

Full Day Workshop

09:00 - 16:00

R2 000,00 per delegate