Legal Drafting 

LoC can assist in the drafting of any form of correspondence, whether it be a letter of demand or a follow up letter, addressed to an individual, opposing law firm , corporate business or public body, including the Courts and Master Offices.

All correspondence is drafted formally, based on the instructions provided by the legal practitioner or individual client, either on LoC’s letter head or on any letter head provided by the client (legal practitioner or individual). Once correspondence has been completed and approved, an option exists for the client legal practitioner or individual to have delivery attended to by LoC via courier (for the clients account) or alternatively itself proceed to arrange for delivery. Where courier is used the way bill will be sent to the client as soon as is reasonably possible.

Drafting services are also provided in respect of: 

  • Contracts

  • Court documents

  • Legal opinions

  • Case summaries

  • Legislative time lines

  • Legal analysis

  • Legal technology reports, analysis and comparisons.

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Legal Drafting 

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